Waelvur Tarnlar

Black Hair, 5'10, Human age equivalent: 40


Waelvur Tarnlar is a member of the Council of Red Larch. He is their elected speaker and takes lead on all things legal and political.


Waelvur grew up in Red Larch and left at the age of 23 when he was accepted to train at the Arcanus in the capital city of Namarre. He spent 5 years there are an initiate and then returned to Red Larch for unknown reasons. He brought back with him a high degree of political knowledge and magic craft.

After his return to Red Larch he launched several trade ventures which brought increased revenue to the town. He also provided funding for the hiring of a new town guard as well as many forceful recommendations on their training. This won him a significant amount of favor in the town and he was elected to the council. His first order of business was to, single handed, bring down the local thieves guild. Waelvur’s continuous take charge attitude and unwavering ferocity in the action of enforcing the law led him to be elevated to the position of Speaker for the Council.

Waelvur is considered a veritable mastermind and genius plotter in the town of Red Larch.

He is severely snobbish, having let his position and training at the Arcanus go to his head. However he loves his hometown of Red Larch and will defend it aggressively, especially from outsiders. He is slow to trust and quick to judge. He is Lawful Good and believes everything should be followed to the letter, especially directions from superiors.

Councilwoman Anoc is one of his childhood friends. She is one of the few people who can calm his anger and sway him towards being more merciful.

Waelvur Tarnlar

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