Ordoul is a land deeply rooted in tradition. The native people believe in dedicating their lives to their crafts. As such they have some of the best and most renowned training temples in the world over. They also believe that your craft is more than just something you do it becomes part of who you are and that in order to develop this you must immerse yourself in it. People come from far and wide to train in various pursuits in Ordoul.

Training temples are set up across the country. The temples vary between small and exclusive and large metropolises of initiates honing their craft. Each temple is surrounded by a city or village. Every temple is resided over by a Grand Master. The qualifications for the Grand Master vary by temple but these leaders each prove in their own way that they are truly the best at what they do.

Ordoul also touts one of the largest harbors and trading ports, Waterdeep. From the city is an extensive trading route aptly named the Longest Road. Dotted with cities and towns along the length of it, traders can make a rather good living running caravans that carry travelers and goods for sale from Waterdeep down the length of the continent.

War Torn
Nigh a century ago the now peaceful and prosperous land of Ordoul were ravaged by the War of Broken Bones. Marauders from across the sea invaded the Hinter Lands and amassed their forces, safe behind the snow capped mountains. It had long been rumored that a dragon slept in those mountains. The Skaldic invaders delved deep into the mountain, finding the dragon and awakening it.

However, it was not a single dragon but an entire nest. They managed to control the beasts and ride them into battle. The capital city of Namarre was besieged. Cities and towns along the way were laid to waste. It was only through the high mastery of arcane arts within the city that they were able to push the Skaldic forces back.

Rallying to their aid the Argonians came spilling forth from their mountain top fortress. Their ferocious fighting skills cutting through the opposition. The Skaldic force was immense but unprepared for the might of they were met with they were driven back to the Hinter Lands.

Unable to eradicate them, a barrier was created from Argonia to Waterdeep. Enchanted with elemental magics and closely guarded by Order of Camlach, Ordoul was safe once more and could begin to rebuild.

The capital city of Ordoul, Namarre, is a massive city proper. Separated into two section by and exterior and interior wall. The other ring is home to a large portion of the populous of Ordoul.

The inner ring, is the seat of power for Ordoul as well as the location of the Arcanus, the intensely sought after college for the arcane arts. Only ten students are accepted entry to the Arcanus. It is a great honor to be chosen and only the most gifted are hand selected by the Grand Master. Even among such a small talented group, few ever become ordained members of the Arcanus.

Ordoul is ruled by The Keeper. The Keeper must first complete the trials of every temple in Ordoul. The trails are overseen by the Grand Master of each order and are a battery of tests to measure a person’s fortitude, wit, strength, compassion, and judgement. Once they have completed these trials they must gain the favor of the people. They tour every city, village, and town so they know their country in its entirety. The people have the right to deny the ascension of The Keeper if they feel that they do not serve the interests of the people.

There is also a High Council whom help The Keeper rule. Every Grand Master is part of the High Council along with several prominent members of society. Every proposed member of the High Council must be voted in by the current council members. The Keeper also maintains a smaller Privy Council of advisers, comprised of individuals solely of their choosing.

Keeper Dudaan ascended 2 years after the War of Broken Bones. It was his vision to build the boundary between the Hinter Lands and the Heart Land. Since the boundary was erected all whom live in the Heart Land have know greater peace and prosperity than ever before. Keeper Dudaan is greatly loved among the people and it is a high honor to be in his service. His 90 year long reign is the longest in the history of Ordoul. Since his ascension, no one has completed the trials. It is a subject not discussed openly but Keeper Dudaan has become and old man and someone will soon need to secede him.

Argonia is a towering utilitarian fortress high in the mountains. It takes stamina and strength of will merely to reach the mountain summit where the city rests. Fighters of all persuasions are trained here. The Argonian people are a hard people and live simple lives driven by brutally repetitive training.

The Argonian Grand Master changes more frequently than any other Grand Master. The title is held by the strongest fighter. If one desires to become the Grand Master they may challenge the current Master to combat. If they win, they become the new Grand Master. It is not an easy task though, but about every 20 years someone accomplishes the task.

While the residents are used to a rigorous form of living they are not completely mirthless. After a hard day most of them enjoy a pint at the tavern and a good arm wrestling match.


Deep in the heart of the swamp lands, surrounded by seemingly endless marshes rests Camlach. The city sits with the Temple at it’s center, the other sections of the city connected by long walkways fashioned of reeds, hanging above the still dark waters.

The people of Camlach value deep reflection and meditation. However, they do train in a fighting style of their own. Different from the forceful, almost brutish fighting style of the Argonian’s member of the Order of Camlach are graceful and fluid. The move light and quick as air, yet they prefer to be still.

Their creed is ’Think first, then think again. Action is for the hasty."


If you wander through the deep forest you just might be lucky enough to find the village of Amhran. Shrouded in mists and what seems like ever moving trees, this is the home of the druids. With a close eye you can see their secret symbols marking trees and rocks throughout the deep forest. What they mean, only a fellow druid would know. Some whisper they mark the ever changing route to Amhran, but most believe something different.

The druids revere the nature that surrounds them and are highly secretive. Any wishing to learn the elemental magics must first find then and then gain their trust before they will initiate you into the temple.


The city of Eianna glistens in the distance. As you come upon it, it seems like a mirage rising from the grasslands. A shining silver city with many domed buildings, each a house of worship to the many gods or Ordoul.

Eianna is know as a peaceful place of healing and prayer. The main temple in the city proper openly accepts all those who wish to learn the healing arts and spread peace and good faith throughout the land.

Eianese individuals though warm and welcoming are not meek. They believe in the protection of innocence and those less fortunate. Especially the ordained will not hesitate to cross sword and shield and show their mettle in defense of those in need.


Waterdeep is a large harbor and port. Trade is booming the city. It is a melting pot of different cultures and races. Carts and stalls are set up in any open area that can be found with all manner of goods for sale or barter. From fine silks, to spices, to exotic weapons just about anything can be found for sale. Also from dragonborn, to elves, to lizardmen just about anyone might be found as well depending on who is currently at port.

For all its marvels, Waterdeep can be a dangerous place, especially at night. Home of the Night, a guild of thieves who are rumored to traverse the city through underground canals. It is not uncommon for a coin purse or treasured bauble to go missing with the owner none the wiser. On occasion there is even talk of people disappearing never to be seen again to fulfill bounties placed on them.

A wary traveler not looking for trouble should stay to the main roads and keep to the crowds. Wandering down alleys or poking your nose into others business is a recipe for trouble. You never know who might be watching.